Pakistan on the Threshold of a Double War

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to predict the safe and sound destination of Pakistan when a cursory look is viewed on its faced internal and external challenges, either created or backed by Pakistanis themselves.

One school of thought has been of the view that the division of Hindustan was a conspiracy that it could replace the US and the UK if remained united. Ironically, nowadays, for the same school of thought, conspiracy lies here in unity.

Pakistan’s History of Alienating Politics

The question pops up, which powerful country will be replaced by Pakistan if remained united? Anti-state slogans and pro-division voices are not raised on an empty stomach.

This time the country’s survival is more in danger than ever because its foreign foes receive underpaid mercenaries, volunteer proxies and poor-literate fanatics for subversive activities within the country. Pakistan’s history has been bleeding with divisive politics since day one.

Soon after the creation of Pakistan, its right-wing (East Pakistan) was cut off. Put the wishes for Greater Punjab and Sindhu Desh aside, nowadays, there is also an ardent demand for making ”Great Afghanistan” by a handful of Pushtoon ethnicity from Balochistan and KP.

”Greater Afghanistan” vs. Pushtoon Ethnicity 

However, mainstream Pashtoon nationalist political parties have parted their ways with such elements, arguing that the demand is a thoroughly affront to the state’s sovereignty.

The demand calls for some sacrifices to be materialized. The Pashtoons of both nations should marry each other; both should share property, land and business with each other; and both must have political maturity, economic stability and social harmony to run a state (Great Afghanistan) smoothly.

Great Madina, made by Ansar (helpers) and Muhajereen (migrants) is a proof in point, but the purposes behind the creation of ‘Great Madina’ and ‘Great Afghanistan’ have no similarities at all.

However, Afghanistan per se is in flux these days.

Pakistan is passing through a critical juncture. Pakistan must have a comprehensive ”wolf warrior strategy”— (where there is a wolf, there is a warrior) because it cannot afford further divisions.

What is Pakistan’s Achilles heel?

God forbid that Pashtoons prove to be the Achilles heel of Pakistan. If that happens, then neither Achilles nor heel would survive.

”The Clash of Civilization” is reaping on the land of the pure; the seeds of “Kin Country
syndrome” is blooming in the clad of over-celebrating cultural events; India is pursuing Chankayas Mandala theory— (your neighbour is your natural enemy, and your neighbour’s neighbour is your actual friend); and with the help of vassal states, Thucydides’s Trap is to entangle the country by one or the other means. Quad (the Us, Australia, Japan and India) is becoming a new threat to the region. A highly politicized R2P contains Pakistan to deal with such hybrid threats with iron hands.

Boiling the C-PEC route with local nationalist dissidents is not without cause. Maintaining a balance between KSA and Iran, the US and China, Russia and India, UAE and Turkey, and Afghan Taliban and Afghan civilians has become a Herculean task for Pakistan.

Need for Stable Economy 

Recently, the premier has expressed his wishes for mainstreaming Baloch extremists,…. but at what price? The province needs a Balochistan-led and Balochistan-owned political setup to flourish and become mainstream.

The strategy whereby dissidents are muzzled, the balance between opposite states is maintained, and non-state actors are mainstreamed, has been proved counterproductive so far due to underestimating internal ground realities and taking light the gravity of international demands.

The solution to such mental agony lies in determining national priorities. National Security Dialogue (NSD) emphasised stabilizing the economy by avoiding divisive and confrontational politics inside the home, with neighbouring countries and the rest of the world.

War a Lucrative Business?

Similarly, the Post-Doha accord scenario and Biden’s hubristic behaviour led Pakistan to be neutral but defensive vis-a-vis Afghanistan issues. The future of Pakistan lies in economic rivalry but not in political animosity with the world. Rivalry brings competition and animosity breeds destruction.

However, it is feared that another war may hit the region: closed to the C-PEC route. That is where the shoe pinches.

Contrary to third world countries, for superpowers, war is a lucrative business and peace lies in waging a war or supporting a war. History has been the witness of the fact that when one fatal war ends, the other formidable one surges.

Wars do not end, change their shape and magnitude. Hybrid war (5th generation warfare) may be the new formidable one. For anti-state capitalists, Pakistan has become “surplus value” rather than “cost value”.

Pakistan is on the threshold of a double war……it will have to wage a war (wolf warrior strategy) inside and support a war (Chankaya Mandala’s theory) outside the country as well.

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