Pakistan providing peace keeping contingents since 6 decades: Dr Maleeha Lodhi

NEW YORK, 12th July: Pakistan permanent envoy to UN Dr Maleeha Lodhi has said Pakistan has contributed over 2 lac jawans to UN Peace keeping operations and Pakistan is among the major countries contributing peace keeping contingents since the last 6 decades.
She said this while participating in Security Council’s debate on Strengthening Triangular Cooperation.
She said there is need to beef up triangular cooperation to make the peace missions effective and result oriented. Security Council, UN secretariat and countries providing peace keeping should bolster mutual cooperation among them while security council under the chairmanship of Pakistan took multidimensional steps in 2013.
She held it is hard to face the challenges related to peace mission without the mutual cooperation of respective stake holders.
Pakistan dispatched over 2 lac jawans in 46 peace missions. Pakistan and Morocco constituted an informal group of the countries which have provided army and police.

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