Pakistan responsible for half of UK’s Coronavirus cases: Reports

“Pakistan was the origin for half of Britain’s imported coronvairus cases”, according to reports.

According to reports, there have been approximately 1,190 flight operations to the UK in which nearly 65,000 people have arrived in Britain since March of 2020. Given the rise in cases, ‘high-risk’ countries are in need of tougher quarantine. According to the reports of Baaghi TV, half of the patients who came to the UK from Pakistan the Corona cases came from Pakistan, 65000 people came to the UK from more than 1190 flights.

According to the British newspaper Telegraph, people coming to the UK from abroad are being asked to be quarantined and strictly checked because half of the people coming to the UK from abroad came from Pakistan who came out as coronavirus patients. It is said that half of the corona patients from abroad have come from Pakistan since June 4 as the data from Public Health England shows 30 cases.

Since March 1, there have been 190 flights from Pakistan reporting 4,000 corona virus cases a day, and the number of corona patients has risen again since the lockdown was reduced.

The Telegraph reports that more than 65,000 people have traveled to the UK, most of them with British passports. Some of them were rushed to hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit. There are two daily flights from the country to the UK.

The same week, Emirates Airlines suspended flights with Pakistan on June 22 after a 30-passenger corona was diagnosed on a flight to Hong Kong.

Pakistan International Airlines has started direct flights to the UK since the beginning of April. Earlier these flights were operated to repatriate British and Pakistani nationals but now they have resumed regular daily flights.

A spokesman said passengers arriving in the UK had been screened and had to wear masks. Passengers with a fever were not allowed to travel.

About 200,000 cases of the virus and about 4,000 deaths have been recorded in Pakistan, Pakistan’s Planning Minister Asad Umar warned two weeks ago that there could be one million coronavirus patients in Pakistan by the end of July.

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