Pakistan Stock Exchange attack, what was the real target of terrorists?

What was the real target of terrorists?

According to a Baaghi TV report, the attack on the Karachi Stock Exchange is a sign of confusion over India’s defeat at the hands of China in Ladakh. India has ended the humiliating retreat and humiliation against China. India and its agents have targeted Pakistan’s main city to divert attention.

Terrorist attack near Karachi Stock Market

India has sought its revenge by targeting a key position in Pakistan’s economic lifeline, after India’s agents and BLA terrorists were killed by security forces, India’s dangerous and nefarious plan failed. Under which they wanted to destroy the entire building of Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi to ashes, but our security agencies have thwarted them.

BLA claims responsibility for the Karachi attack

The modern weapons from the slain terrorists, suggest that they wanted to wreak havoc, included grenade launchers capable of destroying buildings.

Attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi, all terrorists killed

On the other hand, petrol bottles have also been recovered from the terrorists whose purpose was to burn the entire stock exchange to ashes, in order to launch a Mumbai-style attack and avenge Bombay by destroying Pakistan’s economic lifeline. But, by the grace of Allah, with the timely and effective action of our security agencies, all the intentions of the enemy failed. India and its agents had a hard time. Allah Almighty has saved Pakistan from a great catastrophe.

It is to be noted that the attack of terrorists on Karachi Stock Market was foiled by the security forces. Five people including a policeman were killed in the attack while four terrorists were killed.

PM Imran Khan condemns attack on Pakistan Stock Exchange

According to details, four terrorists attacked the stock market with grenades this morning while firing indiscriminately with automatic weapons, killing one policeman and four security guards. Upon receiving the information, A heavy contingent of police and rangers reached the spot and all four attackers were killed in an exchange of fire with the terrorists.

The Sindh Chief Minister called for an inquiry report on Pakistan Stock Exchange Attack

Security forces cordoned off the area while investigators began gathering evidence. The Karachi police chief confirmed that the terrorist attack on the stock market was foiled while the four attackers were killed in a timely manner. According to SSP Muqaddas Haider, a policeman and three security personnel were killed in the incident while the vehicle of the terrorists was seized. The weapons recovered included grenades and automatic rifles.

Photos of Terrorists killed in Karachi attack released by BLA

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