Pakistan successfully develops coronavirus vaccine locally

Lahore, 23rd May: Pakistan has successfully developed a coronavirus vaccine at the local level.

The coronavirus vaccine has been developed by Pakistani experts under the supervision of a Chinese team.

According to sources, the coronavirus vaccine has been developed at the National Institutes of Health.

In the first phase, 124 doses of single-dose Sinovac vaccine have been prepared. The locally produced coronavirus vaccine will be available for use next week.

In this regard, the sources also said that the second batch of vaccines will be prepared by Pakistani experts.

They said that the Chinese team provided assistance to the experts in vaccine making, the raw material for the vaccine to Pakistan was provided by the Chinese company CanSino.

It is also said that raw materials for the second shipment of coronavirus vaccine will soon arrive from China.
Sources say the vaccine is being tested at the NIH’s Quality Control Division. Preliminary results from trials have found the coronavirus vaccine to be safe and effective.
The NIH will submit a coronavirus vaccine preparation document to DRAP, the National Control Lab will further test the pharmacological vaccine.

The sources further said that the final approval for the use of the vaccine will be given by the DRAP control lab.

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