Pakistan to play its role in political settlement in Afghanistan

Lahore, 22nd July: Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security Dr. Moeed Yusuf has said that Pakistan is committed to playing its role in the political settlement in Afghanistan.

Baaghi TV: In a series of tweets on social networking site Twitter, National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yusuf said that Pakistan is committed to playing its role in the political solution of Afghanistan.

He said that ‘in this spirit, PM Imran Khan agreed to meet President Ghani recently to continue our engagement.’

“The hate speech of some Afghan officials is an attempt to sour relations. Violation and hate speech of some saboteurs in Kabul who are unfortunately imposed on them as high officials of our Afghan brothers and sisters are constantly trying to sour relations to draw attention to their failures, Moeed Yusuf said.

Moeed Yusuf said that these statements are being made to cover up the failures of the Afghan government. Foolish statements embarrass Afghanistan every day. Afghans should be assured that every Afghan citizen should thwart the nefarious intentions of these people.

“We will not allow a handful of hateful characters to influence the support of all Afghans for Pakistan for peace and stability,” he said.

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