Pakistani Expatriates Break Records as they Congregate in Washington DC

The Pakistani community gathered to meet the PM during his visit to the US.

Lahore (22nd July, 2019): Pakistani expatriates break records as they congregate to meet the Prime Minister (PM), Imran Khan, in Washington DC. 

According to Baaghi TV’s reports, nearly 18,500 Indians gathered to attend Indian PM Modi’s speech at the Madison Square Gardens in New York on the 29th of September, 2019, including nearly 800 more in Times Square who waited to watch the live feed of Modi’s speech, however, reportedly Pakistani expats have broken this record on the recent visit of PM Imran Khan to the United States.

Approximately 20,300 people reached Capital One Arena in Washington DC to catch a glimpse of the PM. Reportedly, doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants and businessmen from all over parts of Europe, Canada, and the United States spent hundreds of dollars so they could attend the congregation.

Moreover, Pakistan has broken records considering that the Pakistani community abroad is only one-sixth the size of the Indian community yet they have outdone India by packing the stadium to its maximum capacity with thousands more gathered in the streets outside.


Stay tuned to Baaghi TV for more updates.

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