Pakistani model shares life threatening experience with SereneAir

Travelling with Serene Air was a life threatening experience, claimed Hasnain Lehri.

Saturday, July 4th: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, firstly after the tragic Karachi plane crash and later the possession of fake licenses by Pakistani pilots.

Well known model, Hasnain Lehri, took to Instagram to share his horrible experience with another Pakistani Airline, Serene Air.

He questioned the Pakistani Airline, the government of Pakistan and the Captain of his flight whether they value human life or not. He said, “I have already lost a friend in plane crash in PK-8303 and 97 people lost their lives, how many more will it take?”

He recently traveled from Karachi to Lahore saying that he had to travel due to some emergency and that he had already lost so many of his friends and family since last year that he knows the pain of losing someone and wouldn’t wish it upon anyone else.

Continuing to share his experience Lehri said that he was on flight in Serene Airline (2/07/20) going to Lahore and right before landing, approximately 15 meters above the ground, the captain decided to increase the speed and decided not to land. He added that for the next almost 15 to 20 minutes, they were in air just wondering about what was happening. “There was not a single crew member to tell us or inform us. Those were my toughest moments of life, we all thought we are going to DIE!”, he said.

Then after a long silence the Captain announced that they were going to land and that landing was delayed due to “birds” being in the path.

Hasnain Lehri lastly asked questions from the Pakistani Airlines for their lack of communication and for giving a life threatening experience saying that it should be investigated as well and that the people of Pakistan deserve an answer.

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