Pakistani national successfully recovered from Morocco


Pakistani national, Dr. Ikram Ullah has reportedly been recovered by the Pakistan Embassy in Morocco. Pakistan’s Ambassador in Rabat had been approached by Dr. Ikram Ullah’s family in Pakistan. 

According to reports of Baaghi TV, the Ambassador was approached during the Eid holidays by Mr. Waqar Azeem who had intimated that his brother Dr. Ikram Ullah had been unreachable. In his letter to the authorities, Mr. Azeem had argued that Dr. Ikram Ullah who had been married to a foreign national was being kept hostage and his life was believed to be in danger.

According to the letter received by Baaghi TV, Mr. Azeem mentioned that the Pakistani national had traveled to Morocco to reunite with his wife, at the time. He wrote, “My brother Dr. Ikram Ullah (Ph.D.), national of Pakistan has been held hostage for the last two weeks at the residence of his now ex-wife Wiam El Alami daughter of Ahmed Bin Mohammed and Fatiha Bint Mohammed at her parent’s residence located at Meknes”.

Mr. Azeem mentioned that the two had been married in August of 2019 with blessings from both families and had briefly visited Dr. Ikram Ullah’s family in Pakistan before Wiam El Alami returned to Morocco and Dr. Ikram Ullah went to China to continue his doctoral research. The letter further mentioned that the marriage had been registered in Morocco.

The letter further prescribed that Dr. Ikram Ullah had flown to Morocco as soon as flights had resumed following the COVDID-19 pandemic. Once there, Dr. Ikram Ullah was kept incommunicado. According to Mr. Waqar Azeem, the Pakistani national’s passport and return ticket were taken away and he was kept hostage by his now ex-wife and in-laws. They had reportedly kept Dr. Ikram Ullah in isolation and tortured him along with the demand to divorce Wiam El Alami. According to reports, he had conceded due to fear for his life.

Baaghi TV has learned that the Pakistan Embassy officials had maintained contact with the local family during the 15th and 16th of May, 2021 to safely extract Dr. Ikram Ullah. However, during the course of the recovery mission, the Embassy officials were provided with conflicting information with claims that it was a private matter “that did not concern the Mission”.

Presently, the officials persisted in their recovery efforts based on the evidence that Dr. Ikram Ullah may have been “detained, coerced and blackmailed, perhaps for financial gain prior to a possible divorce”.

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Following the intimation of legal measures including filing a case of a possible kidnapping, the Pakistan Embassy was able to recover Dr. Ikram Ullah. In a statement released by the Ambassador of Rabat, Hamid Asghar Khan stated, “We are delighted to report that due to our negotiations, the pressure applied and proactive steps, the team has been able to secure the release of Dr. Ikram who is now in the safe custody of the Embassy officials and on his way to the Embassy at Rabat”.

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