Pakistani Passport among world’s weakest in the list

Islamabad, 17th November: A list containing the names of strongest to weakest passports around the world has been released.

Baaghi TV Report: The International Organization for the Promotion of Passport Classification Statistics has released a list of the ten weakest passports in the world.

According to the International Air Transport Association, the passport rating agency has released a list of the strongest and weakest passports, in which Pakistan comes under the world’s weakest passports. 

The Passport Index is based on the number of countries that allow passports to enter without a visa or obtain visas on entry. 

In the recently released list, Japan ranks first in the Passport Index, just like in previous years, and its citizens can 191 countries without a visa, while Singapore ranks second.

On the other hand, the Iraqi passport has been called the weakest passport in the world, whose citizens can travel without a visa in only 4 countries, while 27 countries issue visas to Iraqi citizens after entering their borders.

Afghanistan is second on the list of weakest countries, Syria third, Somalia fourth, Yemen fifth, Iran sixth, Palestine seventh and ‘Pakistani passport’ is ranked eighth, North Korea’s passport is ranked ninth. Myanmar’s passport ranks tenth.

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