Pakistani sailors stranded at sea, what steps are being made to bring them home?

A ship carrying six Pakistani sailors has reportedly gotten stranded in the Red Sea. According to reports, the sailors have been stuck for almost two weeks. 

The Captain has informed BBC that the ship cannot be turned in any direction. Meanwhile, the sailors have appealed for help stating that they are forced to eat rice boiled in water mixed with diesel and petrol. They added that death is imminent if help is delayed.

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Dildar Ahmed, the vice-captain of the Mehr, told BBC’s Umair Salimi by satellite phone that he and his companions had been stranded in Saudi Arabia for two weeks in the Red Sea. It was added that first one of the ship’s engines broke down, then the second, and now even the ship’s steering hydraulic system has also stopped working. According to reports, Dildar Ahmed further expressed that they could die at any moment. “I don’t know why we are waiting to die. At least, if not as Pakistanis and Muslims, we should be helped as human beings”.

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Dildar Ahmed told BBC that he and five other members of his crew, including Salamuddin, Abdul Ghani, Mohammad Ismail, Mohammad Shafi and Ali Mohammad are stranded. The ship was being transported from Oman to Egypt. The crew now has nothing on board but rice to eat. He and his companions are all sick and have difficulty speaking.

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