Pakistani students in Wuhan are taken good care of

BEIJING, Feb. 26 (APP): “I think taking care of Pakistani students is just like looking after Chinese, no difference at all,” said Ms Zhao Yangping, a teacher in-charge of international students of China University of Geosciences, Wuhan.

All CUG, Wuhan’s international students, including Pakistani students are taken good care of amid the outbreak of the COVID-19. So far, all the over 300 international students staying in Wuhan now are safe and sound, without a single confirmed case or suspected case, according to a report published by China Economic Net.

The CUG, Wuhan authorities are concerned about the international students’ physical and mental health and the issue of their daily supplies.

The authorities have been trying their best to provide food, vegetables and other essentials to international students. They deliver fresh vegetables, fruits, masks and other personal protective equipment to students on a regular basis.

For example, after receiving 53.6 tons of fresh vegetables and a batch of rubbing alcohol donated specially by a Guizhou company, the university authorities immediately delivered them to international students on February 24, 2020.

To date, a total of 12,000 masks, 300 protective suits and goggles, 1,200 pairs of disposable gloves as well as 40 buckets of rubbing alcohol have been provided to international students, according to Luo Wenxu, director of International Education College, CUG, Wuhan.

Luo said, “It is my duty to look after the international students. I just want to do my work better during the special time. We also want to tell the world that Wuhan can do, and China will win (COVID-19).”
The CUG, Wuhan and its work staff’s efforts are appreciated by international students.

One Pakistani student said, “The way they are striving to resolve students’ problems at the front line truly deserves applause of appreciation from the first day. Students fully acknowledge their relentless efforts.”

In addition, some students volunteered to help teachers to look after lives of international students.

Maqsood Ur Rahman, a Pakistani, is one of them. He said, “It is my duty to offer services at CUG, Wuhan during the outbreak of coronavirus, because our teachers are always ready to help us without any delay, when we need them. For me, China is not a foreign country and it is just like my home.”

It is learnt that since the very beginning of the outbreak of the COVID-19, the university authorities have activated an emergency response mechanism.

They have divided all international students into 18 groups, and designated one teacher to take charge of each group. Any student who needs help can contact the teacher in charge of at any time, as teachers are on duty 24/7.

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