Pakistani students in Wuhan request immediate evacuation

China (16th Feb, 2020): Pakistani families and students stuck within mainland China’s Wuhan region plead for immediate evacuation from the affected area. 

According to reports of Baaghi TV, more than 1,300 Pakistani students and families are stuck in China as a direct cause of the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. As per reports, the students stuck in Wuhan have penned an open letter to the politicians and journalists of Pakistan, in which they are seeking help for evacuation from the affected region.

Moreover, they claim that they have been locked into their dormitories since the 20th of January, and are not allowed to step outside under any circumstances. They added, that now the Chinese officials have started transferring the Coronavirus patients to dormitories near us and since the virus is air-borne, and transfers through air, the chances of us getting infected has greatly risen.

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In addition to this, they add that while our demands are not about basic necessities such as, food and/or water, it is about being evacuated from the affected region to either a safer location within China or back to our homeland.

The students have further added that while the government and media claims that we [the students] are being provided due necessities such as food, and money [approximately 850 US dollars per student] et cetera, the claims are false. Moreover, the situation is intense and the novel Coronavirus should not be taken lightly.

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According to reports of Baaghi TV, the students have added that the government of China is trying to assure the world that the situation is under control yet they are building hospitals and turning gyms and stadiums into temporary medical facilities. They have argued that if the situation is indeed under control then why the need for more beds? Why are they transferring patients closer to us?

The Pakistani citizens who are currently stuck in Wuhan are requesting immediate evacuation from the city. Baaghi TV urges the government of Pakistan, especially the PM to look into the matter.

Coronavirus: Pakistani students plead for help


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