Pakistani Women, Pride of the Society

Women’s Day is celebrated around the world on March 8th to give women an opportunity for equal participation in the political, economic, and social spheres. Women too have the right to good health, good education, share in the property, equal compensation, non-maintenance, public transport. 

We are a fortunate nation in which women have been playing a significant role in the political arena with great respect. The role of women in Tehreek-e-Pakistan was exemplary. Bi Aman (who was the mother of Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar and Maulana Shaukat Ali) raised her voice against British imperialism. While Mother of the Nation Fatima Jinnah, Shaista Ikramullah, and many such shining examples are notable names in the past.

In addition, all Pakistani women who are performing their duties in any field are a pride of the nation. Mothers who are training their children in a good religious environment simultaneously providing them life skills from inside the home are no less than women working outside of the home environment. Nonetheless, valuable women who separate their children from themselves to protect the borders are also great women.

If there is any unequal treatment of women then it is not the government, law, or religion but the outdated traditions and system of the society that is responsible for it. Nevertheless, there are all opportunities for the development of women in Pakistani society. The world’s first Muslim woman prime minister is from Pakistan, while in many developed countries, women cannot even advance in politics for various reasons. Governments have always enacted legislation to address the issues of women, but due to many legal complexities, social and societal barriers, these laws could not be implemented. There are legal provisions for the protection of women and for the prevention of violence against them. According to this, women can immediately go to the courts for their protection, but only the law guarantees the protection of one’s rights. Social attitudes also play a very important role.

The feminist movement began in the world in the 19th century with the goal to further equality between men and women, but since the last few years, this narrative has shifted to become less about feminist activity and more about nefarious motives to bring down the movement. Deprived of her rights and personal individuality, she has lagged far behind in this whole war. Social inequalities are corrected. Illiterate and backward women are still being crushed by tradition and oppression, but the educated women march to meet the needs of freedom from the feminist dress and relationships.

While on the one hand, widows and orphans are forced and still do not get their rights, on the other hand, there are certain women who are being used to tarnish the progress of the feminist movement. Today, it is impossible to differentiate between freedom and misguidance. In the name of feminism, many are working to weaken and exploit the rights of women genuinely in need of liberation and help.

In our society today, women are advancing in every field of aviation, medicine, law, journalism, teaching, and modern technology, this is the freedom of our women and this makes them the pride of our nation! Because without women and their contributions, our country will lag behind in the battle of progress. 

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This write-up is contributed by Zahid Kubdani. He can be reached on @Z_Kubdani

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