Pakistanis living in Europe demand clear flight operation policy

Lahore, 28th June: Pakistanis living in Europe have demanded the government of Pakistan to formulate a clear flight operation policy for Pakistan.

According to details, the policy of flight operation changes every 24 hours, which is causing great hardship to Pakistanis living abroad.

Many people had booked flights to go to Pakistan with their families in July. Now the airlines have started canceling it.

Sources have informed Baaghi TV that prominent airlines including Etihad, Emirates and Qatar Airways have started canceling flights because authorities in Pakistan have issued orders to bring 30% or sometimes 40% flights from Europe.

They say that this issue has caused uncertainty and that is why their flights to Pakistan are being canceled frequently. This has caused a huge monetary loss too.

Sources say that from Holland alone many families are willing to visit Pakistan during summer break. If one family is willing to spend approximately 2000 Euros, then the economy of the country will sure get a boost.

After the mass vaccination process started in Europe, it allowed its citizens to travel freely, however, authorities in Pakistan are showing reluctance in allowing inbound flights from Europe.

According to the latest reports, from July 1, Europe will start free of cost emergency PCR test while traveling to Spain, Norway, and France. On the other hand, Pakistani authorities are making it difficult for foreign travelers.

The government of Pakistan is requested to work with the airline companies to find a solution to this problem so that people can go to Pakistan to visit their loved ones.

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