Pakistan’s Afghan policy based on its own interests: Fawad

July 12, 2021: On Monday, Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry said that Pakistan’s Afghan policy was based on Pakistan’s own interests.

The minister said on Twitter that Pakistan had a keen eye on the changing situation in Afghanistan, adding that its effects would not reach Pakistan. The Minister stressed that Pakistan wants a united government in Kabul. “We are closely monitoring the changing situation in Afghanistan,” the minister said on Twitter. “Efforts are underway to move forward in Afghanistan through a peaceful and consensual government,” he added.

The minister maintained, “But even if it does not happen, we will not allow its effects to reach Pakistan.”

Referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan, he added that the Prime Minister had said that Pakistan would be a part of peace and not of war. Fawad further said that there was no interference from Pakistan in the affairs of Afghanistan and no further intervention was required in the affairs of Pakistan.

On 27 June, Fawad said the government would never allow anyone to use Pakistani territory against Afghanistan, stressing that Islamabad wanted to see a stable government in Kabul. “Peace inside Afghanistan is very important for Pakistan,” he said in a video message. The Minister spoke on Afghanistan-Pakistan relations, especially in the context of the current situation in Afghanistan. He added that the Prime Minister had made clear his views on relations with the United States, China and Afghanistan and expressed his desire for the stability of Afghanistan.

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