Pakistan’s economy likely to improve by 2021: ADB

Lahore, 16th September: The Asian Development Bank has testified that Pakistan is moving towards reviving its economy.

Baaghi TV. The Asian Bank (ADB) has predicted that by June next year, Pakistan’s economic growth rate will improve from negative zero point four per cent to 2 per cent positive. The government of Pakistan boosted economic activities in Pakistan by providing relief of 1200 billion rupees.

A report released by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said that the government of Pakistan had given a relief package of Rs.1240 billion to boost economic activities affected by the Corona epidemic. The government package is expected to improve the economic conditions in the country.

Despite COVID-19, Pakistan’s annual revenue increases

According to the report, inflation in Pakistan is likely to remain at 7.5% during 2021. Despite locust attacks, the output of the agricultural sector remained at 2.7 per cent, while Pakistan’s current account deficit also declined due to the decline in imports.

It should be noted that according to the report of the American news agency Bloomberg, the Pakistani economy has picked up after the reduction in the global epidemic coronavirus.

Pakistan can see 2021 economic recovery if COVID-19 subsides: ADB Report

Last month, a spokesman for the finance ministry said that the confidence of international organizations in Pakistan’s economic policies was growing, adding that Pakistan’s economy was improving despite the Corona epidemic.

He said that like Moody’s, Finch has described Pakistan’s economy as a stable outlook.

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