Pakistan’s foreign investment increased or decreased?


Lahore, 16th November: In the first four months of the current financial year, total foreign investment declined by 62%.

Baaghi TV: According to the SBP, the total foreign investment during July-October was 42,425 million, 14,500 $ million left the stock market in four months, compared to 1100 $ million in the same period last year. 

Between July and October, 16,20 $ million was pumped out of the bond market, compared to 437 $ million in the same four months last year, according to the Central Bank.
China has invested 10.33 $ million, while Holland has invested 5.20 $ million, while Hong Kong has invested 4.46 $ million in Pakistan.

The dollar, meanwhile, continues to depreciate against the rupee and the rupee continues to appreciate. The US dollar hit a five-month low of 23 paise, hitting the interbank market at 161 rupees to 90 paise.

It has been reported that the dollar has depreciated by Rs 6.53 paise since August, reaching Rs 168.43 paise in August. A fall in the value of the dollar will reduce the pressure on foreign debt by Rs 700 billion.

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