Palestine bloodbath

Palestine bloodbath

It is not new to know the waves of terror striking against the walls of Palestine in general and Palestinian Muslims in particular. History witnessed, over the last many decades, Palestinian Muslims have been subjected to much violence which has made them deprived of their land and families.

However, once again, Palestine, the land of Prophets is burning with the blood of innocents Muslims. Israel is constantly bombing over Gaza strip and west bank. Such relentless violence over Palestinian Muslims has resulted in numerous dead bodies of Muslims including children and women. The grim of the past turned into a new leaf when Israel supreme court ordered to eradicate Muslims from Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem. Israel, being in power targeted the Al Aqsa mosque on the last Friday of Ramadan. It has hurt the sentiments of Muslims across the world, as Al Aqsa, is the thirds holiest site and first Kaaba for Muslims.

The ongoing crisis in Palestine has not only brought mayhem in the middle eastern countries but it has also put the security of the world at the dock of great menace. This present crisis seems to crop up a new world war. The world condemned such tyrant Israel’s aggressions. For instance, Erdogan, president of turkey, said, turkey wanted to teach a deterrent lesson to Israel. With Turkey, many Muslim countries including Pakistan presented aggressive remarks.

Moreover, Hamas is retaliating against Israel’s response. Hamas is a militant group of Palestine that are defending Palestine the amid Israel conflict. Illegal bombing at Gaza strip, the west bank, and Sheikh Jarrah got the attention of many middle eastern countries such as Iran, Lebanon, Jordon, Syria, and some other countries that have also engaged themselves to defend Palestine against the illegal invading of Israel.

Surprisingly, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, clearly threatened Israel regarding the war between Palestine and Israel. He believes, the war between Israel and Palestine is a threat to the internal security of Russia. Russia owns certain air bases and naval bases in Syria, which has billions of investment of Russia. Israel also targeting the allies of Palestine which will certainly bring massive devastation to the world. Russia is very sensitive about military bases in Syria.

Thus, says Israel conflict escalation is a threat to Russia. Long were the days when war decided the power of nations. At present, the world is a global village where all countries are interlinked with each other. Minor aggression can cause a huge explosion. Apart from it, a question comes to mind why only Muslims are being targeted? Well, its answer is clear. Constant attacks on Muslims are not a new phenomenon. Newzeland mosque attack, burning of holy Quran in a rally of Netherland and criticism on Hagia Sophia mosque shows the fire of hostility against Islam. Islam is a complete code of life that always imparts the teachings of love and peace yet the present world portrays its poor image by labeling Islam as a name of terror.

The force behind the failure of Muslims is nothing but a lack of unity and no role of international organizations.

Nations will be ruined, if they go dividend woefully, this fact is not known to the Muslim world. Though the Muslim world is compromised of 57 countries, yet all these countries merely held silent over the massacre of innocent Palestinian Muslims. OIC, an Islamic organization that was formed to promote peace and support Muslim countries across the world but this organization has remained only by name. Furthermore, UNO, the most pivotal organ of world affairs has turned a deaf ear on the woes of Innocents Muslims. It is not playing its utmost role to bring peace to the land of Prophets. Such silence of international organizations over the hundreds of casualties has empowered Israel in no time.
To conclude, it is crystal clear that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is the massacre of mankind that will lead the world to a new global war.


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