Palestine’s missile strike wreaks havoc: Netanyahu announces revenge


The Israeli Prime Minister visited the Southern Command of the Israeli Defense Forces on an emergency basis and was briefed on the current situation.

In a video statement after the meeting, Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We are in the midst of an adventure. Since yesterday, the Israeli Defense Forces have carried out hundreds of attacks against Hamas in Gaza. We have targeted their commanders.” We hit other important targets.

Netanyahu added: “It has been decided in today’s meeting that we will increase the speed and force of our attacks. Hamas will be hurt in a way it did not expect. I know that it will also require patience and some sacrifices on the part of the citizens.

The Israeli Prime Minister said that two of our citizens have lost their lives, we must unite and support the IDF attacks, all citizens must strictly follow the instructions of the IDM Home Front so that they can be safe.

Addressing the Arabs in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu said: “I want to say something to the Arab-Israeli citizens. Every possible step should be taken to maintain law and order”.

“I expect all leaders to stand up and condemn this situation and do everything possible to normalize it,” he told world leaders, especially Arab leaders.