Palestinian indigenous missiles have completely destroyed Israel’s Iron Dome

Tel Aviv: Palestinian indigenous missiles have completed destroyed Israel’s Iron Dome.

According to reports, Palestinian indigenous missiles have destroyed all the technologies of Israel, United States and its allies, which is why experts are saying that Israel’s modern Iron Dome missile system is completely ruined.

Defense experts say that the Palestinian Resistance Front has responded to the Zionist aggression by firing hundreds of missiles at Zionist strongholds in the occupied territories.


Despite intense censorship and close surveillance, reports from Tel Aviv clearly show that rocket attacks from Gaza caused extreme damage.

In this regard, defense experts say that the Palestinian resistance has fired indigenous missiles that cannot be detected by the Iron Dome radar.

Herzliya is the official territory of Tel Aviv, and is home to the government, ministries and Israeli government officials.

On the other hand, the world’s leading defense experts say that Israel has covered up the news out of fear of its own reputation and is worried about what to do next.