Palestinian sibling pair become symbol of resistance in face of Zionist occupation

June 8, 2021: Palestinian brothers and sisters became examples of courage in the face of the Zionist occupiers.

BaaghiTV. Considered a symbol of courage and bravery against the occupying Zionist forces and the protection of their ancestral families in Palestine, the Al-Kurd family once again set an example of perseverance in the face of Israeli forces.

Muhammad al-Kurd and Mouna al-Kurd are two Palestinian siblings. They are quite active on social media against the Israeli occupation. The atrocities committed against us raise a strong voice against the atrocities committed by the Israeli forces. He is also punished for his courage and bravery. Israeli forces arrest and punish them. But they are committed to their mission.

It is believed that before his father was captured by the Zionist army and then continuing his father’s mission, Muhammad and his sister Muna raised their voices and stood up to the Israeli forces.

After his capture, large numbers of Palestinians came out in Palestine and chanted anti-Israeli slogans. The protesters shouted out to the occupying forces to leave their land. Demanded the release of prisoners and this continuing illegal occupation. Voices of truth and dissenters against occupation continue to be raised against the Zionists.

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