Palestinians continue to die as a result of Israeli violence

May 16, 2021: BaaghiTV: Israel’s barbarism continues in Gaza. 41 children have been martyred in this inhumane bombing after which the number of martyrs became 154. The UN Security Council has also convened a meeting to review the situation. Talks of world rulers, demands for peace did not work, terrorist state of Israel continues attacks on Gaza.

Another attack by Zionist forces killed 13 more Palestinians and wounded several others. On the other hand, China expressed concern over the invasion of Palestine, the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations said that the United Nations should take action now and send a strong message.

Earlier, a meeting of the Security Council was postponed by the United States, and Israel took advantage of the situation to carry out more bombings in Gaza and to wreak havoc.

Protests against Israeli aggression continue around the world. Large numbers of pro-Palestinian protesters took to the streets in London. Demonstrators holding Palestinian flags gathered at the Marble Arch and marched on the Israeli embassy. More than 1.5 million people in support of Palestine gathered in London, demanding a boycott of Israel. Thousands of protesters marched in Tahrir Square, the capital of Iraq, in support of the Palestinian cause, calling for an end to Israeli attacks and the liberation of Palestine.

A large demonstration in support of Palestine took place in the European Union’s capital, Brussels, with thousands of people in attendance calling for a boycott of Israel. According to observers, this is the largest demonstration in support of Palestine in Brussels. The protesters said that the people are bigger than all the governments, listen to us, stop supporting Israel.

Thousands of protesters marched in the Spanish capital, Madrid, in support of the Palestinian cause, and in the German capital, Berlin, for peaceful protests against Israeli atrocities in Gaza. Thousands rallied in support of the Palestinians in Sydney, Australia, demanding the end of Israeli atrocities and the granting of rights to Palestinians, including their own independent state.

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