Palestinians make great escape from ‘high-security’ Israeli prison

Six Palestinian prisoners have reportedly escaped from Israel’s high-security Gilboa prison following which authorities have launched a manhunt. 

According to BBC reports, the men had dug a hole in order to escape from Gilboa prison through tunnels that led to a road outside of the prison grounds. It is believed that the Israeli authorities were alerted by farmers who had noticed the Palestinian men running through the fields. 

The escaped Palestinians allegedly include Zakaria Zubeidi the former leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade and five other Islamic Jihad members. 

The high-security Israeli facility popularly known as “The Safe”, confirmed the absence of six prisoners following a headcount at 1:00 GMT. According to reports, the escape is being termed as a security and “intelligence” failure meanwhile, Palestinian groups are being hailed as heroes. 

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It is pertinent to note that the Palestinian men dug a tunnel through the bathroom floor and ended at the outskirts of the prison. Since news of the prison break, pictures and videos have surfaced showing Israeli authorities examining the hole underneath the sink. 

According to The Times of Israel, five of the six prisoners were serving life sentences for connections to ‘deadly attacks’ against Israeli citizens. Zubeidi however, was in prison for multiple crimes including attempted murder charges. 

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The authorities have reportedly set up roadblocks to stop the men from reaching the limitations of the West Bank, which is approximately 14 kilometers from the Gilboa prison. 

Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett has stressed that the incident is one that requires “an across-the-board effort” by security forces. Meanwhile, Fawzi Barhoum spokesman for Hamas, has declared it a “great victory” claiming that even prison cannot defeat their determination.

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