Palma de Mallorca: Illegal Immigrants shut down busy airport

Palma de Mallorca: Busy Spanish Airport shut down for about four hours after an evident attempt by immigrants to enter the country illegally on Friday.

A plane scheduled to fly from Moroccan country, Casablanca  to Istanbul, Turkey, was diverted to Palma de Mallorca after a medical emergency was reported aboard. When the plane landed, 21 passengers sprinted off across the runways, reportedly escaping over the perimeter fence in an illegal attempt to in filtrate the country. The Police later arrested them but 12 of them were still on the run today. The Police are currently investigating whether the group’s escape from the plane was unintended or an elaborate plan to immigrate illegally.

Aina Calvo, the top Spanish government official for the Balearic Islands stated that the event was unexpected for a Spanish airport. The incident started when the emergency services boarded the Air Arabia Maroc plane to evacuate a Moroccan man who had claimed that he had fallen into a diabetic coma. As they were preoccupied with the man, 21 other passengers ran down the ladder and hid under parked planes.

According to Spain’s Efe news agency reports, the man was declared to be healthy by the hospital after which he was arrested for illlegally entering the country. A fellow passenger who had come with him to the hospital had disappeared. Most of the arrested escapees were found by the Guardia Civil, according to the Majorca Daily Bulletin ,which stated  that “one was caught walking along the road to Manacor”.

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