Egypt: Archaeologists reveal tomb of Ramses II’s chief treasurer

Egypt: Archaeologists uncovered the tomb of King Ramses II’s Chief Treasurer named Batah-M-Woya.
According to Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the tomb was found in Saqqara which is a huge necropolis located south of the capital city, Cairo. The city named Saqqara has been an important research site nowadays from where many interesting archaelogical finds have been unearthed.
Along with Batah-M-Woya’s tomb, archaeologists have also uncovered the tombs of a number of other important dignitaries, including a military general named Hor Mohib.
Ramses II had reigned over Egypt from 1279 to 1213 BC, his reign having the significance of being the second-longest reign in Egyptian history.
The city of Saqqara used to be part of the capital Memphis which was located around 20 miles south of Cairo. This site also contains Egypt’s oldest surviving pyramid.
In January, authorities revealed the discovery of a hoard of ancient burial shafts and artifacts containing hundreds of wooden sarcophaguses.
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