PALPA must be abolished or legalized now!

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) issued the Airline Operational Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the April 4-11 period.

According to the SOP, the aft row should be kept vacant for the passenger displaying symptoms of illness. Moreover, boarding passes will be issued with a gap of at least one adjacent seat, as mentioned in the SOP.

Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) pilots are assured every safety after dialogues between Pakistan Airline Pilots’ Association (PALPA) and PIA management. Earlier, PIA pilots stopped flight operations and went on strike on the call of PALPA due to coronavirus.

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Jam packed situation at the airports is often seen and that clearly tells how seriously the SOP is being followed.

In a meeting between PALPA and PIA management, it was decided that it will be the captain’s responsibility for clearing the aircraft. Although, internationally, it is the responsibility of the airline to clear the aircraft before and after flying.

Moreover, PALPA is not bothered about the gap between the seats since they assume, they will not have a pay cut for the next two months. Some passengers contacted Baaghi TV and complained that the pilots seem to be only bothered about their pay cuts in reality.

PALPA: Anti-state, bloodsucking union

All you need to know about PALPA

Few days earlier, PALPA protested over the non-provision of equipment to the crew members for protection against the virus. Although, the pilots were assured every safety according to International Standards of Safety against coronavirus, they refused to fly.

According to sources of Baaghi TV, main reason behind differences between PIA management and PALPA is the 20 percent pay cut for two months. PALPA continues with its age-old black and under-the-table dealings resulting Pakistan its reputation.

PIA and the inter-departmental politics continues

Their demands for no reduction in salary, insistence on avoiding quarantine upon return, insisting not to travel in military aircraft for either deployment or transit back home and asking for five-star hotels being converted as quarantines specifically for them is nothing short of ludicrous, ungentlemanly and conduct unbecoming a patriotic Pakistani.

We strongly recommend that PIA shouldn’t get blackmailed by these traitors and the entire nation must boycott these pilots on social, moral and even political grounds. It is to be noted that PALPA is simply a union with no legal authority and should refrain from bloodsucking politics in this hour of need.

Can PALPA deny these facts?

Many people called Baaghi TV offices and complained about PALPA saying that PALPA is engaging in dirty politics by blackmailing the PIA management and coercing them into stopping flights.

PALPA has no legal authority they have cost the state and national airline a loss of billions by their actions to delay or even entirely stop the airline from functioning, said another person while talking to Baaghi TV.

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