Panjshir: India’s Propaganda against Pakistan

LAHORE: India’s supporter, Anti-Taliban leader Ahmed Masood and others have reportedly shared pictures of a fighter jet on social media, supporting India’s false propaganda on Pakistan and claiming to have shot down a Pakistan Air Force plane in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley.

The picture was of a grey American plane in 2018.
Ahmed Masood, the son of the famous Afghan resistance leader Ahmad Shah Masood, tweeted a picture of the landing plane and wrote:

“Our lions shot down the Pakistani warplane.”
This tweet was later deleted, but the tweet and its screenshot were also shared in large numbers by other anti-Taliban groups.
The image was posted in April 2018 by a website called with the caption that a US F-16 Falcon fighter crashed during a daily training flight on the Arizona-California border.The same image was used by Iran’s Far News Agency in an article on crash landings.
The photo and other fake and baseless news about the Pakistani military’s intervention in the Panjshir Valley came as the Taliban said in a statement on Monday that they had taken complete control of the last stronghold of anti-Taliban elements, the Panjshir Valley.
With the Taliban advancing towards Panjshir, Indian news agencies and media outlets, while maintaining their tradition, started anti-Pakistan propaganda and started spreading unverified news that Pakistani warplanes were flying over Panjshir.

Security Council’s platform was made available to enable the peddling of a false narrative against Pakistan: FO

They claimed Pakistan was aiding the Taliban by attacking the resistance forces.
India’s Republic TV and Hindi news channel, Zee Hindustan, shared footage claiming that Pakistani drones were bombing anti-Taliban fighters in the Panjshir Valley.
However, the fortress of India’s claim was exposed when the website ‘Boom’ and the Indian channel ‘Times Now’ also shared a clip saying that Pakistani planes were flying in the skies and that this was evidence of Pakistan’s intervention in Panjshir.
However, according to an independent website, the UK Defense Journal, the video that the Indian media is citing was made during a flight of a US F-15 fighter jet in Wales, UK.

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It should be noted that even before the advance of the Taliban, experts believed that the anti-Taliban coalition would not be able to resist for long despite its geographical advantage in the Panjshir Valley.

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