PBM Provides Medical Assistance to 21,696 Patients from July 2019 to June 2020

ISLAMABAD, Aug 23 (APP): Pakistan Bait ul Mal (PBM) has provided medical assistance to 21,696 patients from July 2019 to June 2020.

The annual performance report of PBM 2019-20 said that the PBM had saved the lives of some 21,618 patients by spending Rs 2,757 million on their medical treatment during the previous financial year.

PBM had also treated 12,006 cancer and 1,117 cardiac patients by spending Rs 1,867 million on their treatment during the previous year. Also PBM had spend Rs 36.28 million on 18,141 eye cataract surgeries. Yet another Rs 38.69 million were provided for treatment of 3,444 dialysis cases. In total, the PBM had provided medical assistance to 100,854 patients in last five years period.

The PBM is providing medical assistance to vulnerable and socially disadvantaged people to fight against fatal diseases. The assistance or medical treatment of major ailments and disabilities is provided through designated government hospitals. The deserving patients are required to apply on prescribed pro-forma duly filed in by hospitals along-with estimated treatment cost of the patient.

PBM transfers the required amount to the hospital within minimum possible time after verification.

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