PCB Unveils Five Year Plan

Plan released for the development of the game

According to a Baaghi TV report, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has released its five year plan today.

Its purpose is to promote the global status of the PCB as a reputable and influential institution. The Board of Governors has approved the strategy and called “A Five Year Plan to Inspire and Unify Our Nation”, which describes strategic and corporate aims.

In the document, there are coordinated and clear plans for the development of men’s cricket, women’s cricket, and various age group teams, as well as the promotion of the game at the grassroots. A comprehensive tracking system will be introduced for the implementation of these measures, on the basis of which supervision on a monthly basis shall be conducted.

Work on this strategy has been ongoing over the past year and progress has already been made on the achievement of several goals. The various stakeholders and the fans’ love of the game has been made the focal point for the formulation of the strategy.

The six salient points of the strategy are listed below:

  1. Sustainable Corporate Governance: On-time and effective planning and approval of budgeted resources.
  2. Deliver world-class teams: Merit-based selection on the domestic level and a high-performance center shall be used to turn our international teams into consistent too performers.
  3. Grassroots and Pathways Framework: There should be a smooth method to bring youngsters and inspiring players into the mainstream.
  4. Inspiring Future Generations through Women’s Cricket: Special attention shall be paid to segregation and by investing on future players, champions will be prepared all over the country.
  5. Grow and Diversify Commercial Revenue Streams: In order to provide stability to PCB and cricket associations, strategic, innovative, and goal-based commercial plans shall have to be made.
  6. Enhancing Pakistan’s Global Identity: We will enhance Pakistan’s identity through promotion of the HBL Pakistan Super League, continuity of international cricket in Pakistan, and constant dialogue with various cricket boards.

These points have been divided into targets and given to the members of the senior management. They will be responsible for its implementation. Progress shall be checked through a connected monitoring system.

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PCB Chief Executive Wasim Khan said that the plan had been prepared in 2019 but had been awaiting approval from the Board of Governors. He is happy that it got approval in February this year and now he is in a position to formally announce it. He said work on several points of the 2019-2023 plan has been ongoing since the past year and he is pleased with the progress.

He said it was necessary to have a clear, interesting, and achievable road map so that not just the PCB staff but also the fans and the stakeholders can get an idea of the direction in which we want to go. The Chief Executive said that strategic plans will not have importance on paper unless ownership is taken on an individual basis and those responsible are made answerable for their goals. He said that an integrated monitoring system shall keep them informed of the progress on the targets on a monthly basis.

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He said the since 2019 the PCB has been working on introducing systematic reforms in matters pertaining both to the grounds and outside them. He said that in any change program it is necessary to have a clear direction and take brave decisions. We have a firm belief that this plan will foster our aim to take the game forward.

Wasim Khan said that the PCB is capable of being ranked amongst the best cricket boards in the world. He said that our commitment enables us to achieve continuous success both in the ground and outside it. He said we get excited when we think of how far the implementation of this plan can take us. He further said that we have achieved a lot of progress on this work that we started 12 months ago.

Some important successes from February 2019:

  • Implementing the PCB Constitution 2019: Formulating the constitution of cricket associations and city cricket associations and getting approval from the Board of Governors.
  • Re-organisation of Domestic Structure
  • Allocating top-level consultants and coaches to the national mens’ cricket team.
  • Holding the HBL PSL completely in Pakistan. MCC toured Pakistan after 48 years and Test Cricket returned to the country.
  • Setting up of a High Performance Unit and Re-organisation of PCB Departments
  • Appointment of Ehsan Mani as head of the ICC’s influential Finance and Commercial Affairs Committee. The inclusion of Wasim Khan and Sana Mir in the ICC Women’s Committee and the appointment of Salman Naseer as a member in the ICC’s Safeguarding Panel.

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