PCMEA offers government for dialogue on zero rating regime

Lahore, 21st July: Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMEA) Chairman Naeem Sajid urged upon the government to find a viable solution through dialogue on critical issue of zero rating regime at earliest.
He expressed these views while addressing joint session of all zones here on today. On the occasion, acting senior vice chairman Kamran Rizi, senior central leader Abdul Latif Malik, Carpet Training Institution Chairperson Pervaiz Hanif, Senior member Riaz Ahmed, Saeed Khan, Akbar Malik and others.
“Dampening environment has been forcing carpet industry to close down leading to fall of employability already hitting the rock bottom. In order to control the damage and boost up exports, it is dire need of hour to hash out comprehensive policy in consultation with all stakeholders. Holding of International Carpet Exhibition in September has also landed into trouble due to inordinate delay in the release of funds,”
The joint session took stock of emerging crisis in the wake of 17 percent tax imposition and oblivion of zero rating regime. It also reviewed stages of preparations to hold International Carpet Exhibition.
Abdul Latif Malik informed about details of delegation meeting led by him with FBR Chairman Shabar Zaidi. He said that delegation realized FBR Chairman about status and nature of carpet industry, clearing the point that carpet Industry was cottage industry so 17 percent tax stood unjustified. “We were well heard in the meeting and it is hoped that government would make corrective measures as soon as possible,” he said.
PCMEA chairman Naeed Sajid said that export industry had anchoring role in economy. Instead of urning a blind eye, immediate need was to patronize it, he added. On the issue of zero rating regime, he grieved, inaction on the part of government had been fueling grim apprehensions. “We asked the government to hold insightful talks on the matter to devise reasonable solution,” he demanded.
He endorsed the point that without tax, country could never been run but termed the policy of overburdening those giving their taxes already as unsuitable. “Since flow of investment is ebbing due to unhealthy environment, industry is reaching at the brink of closure and if the trend remains unabated, unemployment rate will go rampant,” he warned.
“As Industry has many merits, government should give it due favours. One is that it grows by its own resources putting not a single burden on government. Even in rural areas, it is source of employment,” he explained.

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