PDM’s Illogical Show Put People’s Lives in Danger: Experts

PESHAWAR, Nov 22 (APP): The leadership of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has put lives of thousands of people in danger due to fatal COVID-19 by holding an illogical public show here on Sunday, political, health and economic experts said.

Taimur Salim Jhagra, KPK Minister for Health said that coronavirus cases have increased manifold especially in Peshawar and in such an alarming situation the holding of a public meeting by PDM was an illogical and irrational decision.

“On 17th November 2020, he said, there were only 200 cases and on 21st November, the cases have surged to 370, which is almost 100% increase in less than a week,” he said in a statement here Sunday.

In Hayatabad Medical Complex, he said 90 beds are occupied by coronavirus patients and asked the hospital administration to increase the beds to 150 in December. He said almost all coronavirus beds in Khyber Teaching Hospital are occupied and administration of KTH were directed to increase the Corona beds from 90 to 200 to facilitate patients.

“The positivity rate has increased from 1% to 12% and deaths are rising in KPK, especially in Peshawar,” he added.

The minister said 60% cases were reported in Peshawar and opposition parties are bringing people from all cities of the province and this will give rise to cases in all cities of KPK.

“The Opposition’s last stance was of strict lockdown and they wanted everything closed and today they have adopted double standards and are making sure KPK’s people are affected by the Corona Virus”, he claimed.

“The opposition’s stubbornness and irrational attitude have put the lives of thousands of political workers and people in danger and PDM leadership would be held responsible in case of a spike of the deadly virus in Peshawar and KPK”,  said PTI leader, Bahadar Khan while talking to APP on Sunday.

The PTI leader said thousands of people were infected including the sad demise of Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court Waqar Ahmed Seth during the second wave of COVID-19 and the holding of a public show in such an alarming situation is an irrational and illogical approach of the 11 party political alliance of the opposition.

Economic expert, Sumbul Riaz said political instability is not good for the economy and years would be required for recovery of economic losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic. She said infant industries had suffered a lot due to the lockdown in the first phase of COVID 19. She expressed the hope that the opposition would sit together with the government and solve problems under an constitutional ambit and play a constructive role in the strengthening of democracy in the country.

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