Pegasus and world democracy technical overview

Pegasus is spyware developed by the Israeli cyber arms firm NSO Group it was first discovered in August 2018 in its initial stages it has the capability to read keystrokes and attack on older versions of operating systems but the latest research shows Pegasus can be installed on the latest Andriod & even on recently launched IOS 14.6.

It is able to hijack users’ cameras, microphones, and applications the NSO group turned victims’ phones into surveillance devices for their clients. Previously NSO has been owned by American private equity firm Francisco Partners, who started work for the government to provide technology that helps them combat terror.

In South Asia, Pakistan has a very critical position because of the current situation in Afganistan, every single word will have a huge impact. Reportedly Pakistani PM’s old phone number was found among the Pegasus snooping list that made clear Khan’s phone was on surveillance. Pakistanis show less maturity towards cybersecurity thus the nationals are easy victims whether he is a PM or common citizen.

In the last few months, India has already tried to target Pakistan’s high-value installations through a cyber attack. The world knows the ties between Israel and India that confirmed the Indian government was involved in this vulnerable approach to Pakistan’s national security. Pakistan has become a golden sparrow for cybercriminals.

In the meantime, the Pakistani government has been working on a national Pakistan-based application ‘beep” which most likely will be used by Government officials for professional conversation instead of Whatsapp and other sources, according to NITB the application is in the testing phase.

Analysis of the potential targets of NSO clients led the project to identify 10 governments it believes to be responsible for surveillance of the list. Those governments are from India, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Morocco, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, and the United Arab Emirates.

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