PEMRA sends notice of accountability to Express News for airing ‘irresponsible’ words

In his show, Anchor Aftab Iqbal allegedly mentioned the Companions of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.) inappropriately regarding the battle of Uhud. Following which he was severely criticized. However, now PEMRA has also sought an answer from Express News.

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Last night, Aftab Iqbal in his show, Khabardar, on the private TV channel Express News, had inappropriately mentioned the Companions (R.A.) regarding the battle of Uhud. He was severely criticized until the issue started trending on Twitter and #sahaba_ka_ghutakh_aftab_qabal has been at the top of the Twitter trend list since morning. People are expressing their grief and anger and demanding the government to punish Aftab Iqbal.

However, in view of the grievances and demands of the consumers, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has also issued a notice to Express News.

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According to the press release, PEMRA has issued the notice to Express News for airing irresponsible words in its program, Khabardar, which was aired on April 11th, 2021, ordering the channel to be held accountable within 7 days.

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Following the criticism on social media, Aftab Iqbal has released an explanatory video and apologized for his insolence.


In the video, Aftab Iqbal said that I have come with a very important explanation. The wish is that I explain but first, I will start with an unconditional apology.

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Admitting his mistake, Aftab Iqbal said that last night in the episode of Khabardar, we had a foolish mistake and this example of how it has appeared here was not true. Referring to the battle of Uhud, and what I said, I apologize for it. God willing, it is unthinkable that the honor of the Companions (R.A.) would be insulted or such a satire would be uttered.

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