People Condemn Police Negligence in Patoki Motorway Rape Case

Lahore, 22nd July: Negligence of police in catching the accused who raped a married woman in front of her husband on the motorway near Patoki, Punjab is being highly criticized.

According to details, it has been almost two days and one night since this incident happened but the police have so far not taken any serious notice.

However, the accused is still free from the clutches of the law despite the notices from the Chief Minister of Punjab and the IG Punjab.

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Meanwhile, DSP Circle and the concerned police station president refrained from talking to media representatives on the matter.

The fact that the media is reluctant to tell the facts and the current performance of police on this incident has created an atmosphere of panic in the area.

Hence, residents of the area are angry over the fact that the accused in the Patoki motorway rape case has not been caught yet.

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People say so much interest in the previous motorway rape case was taken because the victim was a rich and dual citizen woman.

People have protested that since this woman is a wife of a poor man so her accused is still free from the clutches of the law. The police have failed miserably in apprehending the accused and maintaining law and order.

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Thefts and robberies are commonplace in the area from Patoki, however, the absence of police patrols in these areas on festivals like Eid is also a question mark.

This road from Patoki/Nemat Chowk to Hinjra Kalan is deserted and is a safe haven for thieves. This road is still blocked and there is no police patrolling patrol.

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