Pfizer/BionTech COVID-19 vaccine all set to get approval for 12 to 15 year old children

Washington, May 4 2021: The US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer who had in March submitted results of the trials of its corona virus vaccine on children between ages of 12 and 15 from 2260 participants, is now all set to receive approval for the jab to be administered to children anytime early next week.

A Pfizer spokesperson commented on the timeline and told the Washington Post, “We are working to review this request as quickly and transparently as possible.”

The vaccine which is currently approved for use in people above 16 years proved in its clinical trials for children that the vaccine well tolerated and also effective against the virus. Testing on children younger than 12 is still underway with Johnson and Johnson planning pediatric trials for its own vaccine and Moderna already conducting trials in teens with results expected in the summer this year.

Expansion of the current vaccination roll out will potentially open up the US program for millions of more people. In April the national vaccination rate peaked according to official figures with 55% Americans having received at least a single dose, but there is still a long way to go before immunizing the complete population and in that department, vaccine hesitancy remains an obstacle since supply is now not a problem. A large percentage of US adults don’t plan to get the shot and could potentially refuse to get their children vaccinated.

Looking at it from a social perspective, according to a recent survey by Kaiser Family Foundation, among Republican voters, 29% say they will never take the vaccine, compared to five percent of Democrats and nine percent of independent voters.

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