PIA Airbus A-320 plane crash in Karachi, HOW?

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passenger plane coming from Lahore crashed near the Karachi airport, carrying 98 passengers.

As per details, PK-8303, a PIA Airbus A320 from Lahore was about to land in Karachi when it crashed at the Jinnah Garden area near Model Colony in Malir, Karachi. The flight crashed when at 800 feet.

Captain Sajjad Gul, along with First Officer Usman Azam, was flying the PIA Airbus A320, registration number AP-BLD.

The flight crashed into a residential area during final approach, reportedly due to the failure of both engines, after an issue with the aircraft’s landing gear caused an aborted landing attempt.

BREAKING NEWS: PIA Airbus 320 crashed

List of crew members in PIA plane crash

As per our sources, the plane crashed at “Shot Final”. Short final is a term used in aviation when your fairly close to the runway, like less than a quarter mile from landing. However, all around the world, “short final” refers to the final one minute or so of flight before landing.

According to sources, the plane had a technical malfunction and its wheels were not opening before landing, on which the flight was called “go-around”, but in the meantime the plane crashed on the population.

In aviation, a go-around is an aborted landing of an aircraft that is on final approach for various reasons, such as an unstable approach or an obstruction on the runway.

The pilot was asked to make a low pass in front of Air Traffic Control (ATC) so that the ATC officials can personally visualize and check the landing gears. However, during the process of going around the aircraft crashed.

PIA Plane Crash Audio Recording: Last conversation b/w Pilots & the ATC

Sources say that Civil Aviation has confirmed that PIA Flight PK-8303 lost contact with ATC just one minute before landing. Authorities did not specify the cause of the crash, however, the pilot’s last call with the ATC went viral on social media.

Last Radio conversation of PK-8303

Control: appear to be turning left.

Pilot: we are proceeding direct we have lost engine.

Control: runway available to land at 25

Pilot: Roger

Pilot: Sir Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday Pakistan 8303

Control: 8303 roger both runways clear to land


During the conversion, it is quite clear that the PIA pilot gave a “MAYDAY” call that means there was a serious malfunction. It is very important to mention here that a “MAYDAY” radio call is reserved for life threatening situations.

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