PIA Airbus A-320: Video of the second PIA passenger who miraculously survived surfaces

KARACHI: The video of Zubair, the second passenger who miraculously survived the PIA crash, has left a great lesson for the viewers.

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According to Baaghi TV, all but two passengers of the PIA passenger plane were killed in Karachi yesterday following the plane crash in a residential location.

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There is a lot of commentary and analysis on social media about this video and some people are saying, “جنؑوں رب رکھے اہنوں کون چکھے” which means, no harm can come to the person that God wishes to save.

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One social media user stated, “Zubair, the lucky passenger of the ill-fated plane who managed to jump off the plane, has a fracture in his leg and is out of danger. Zubair’s survival is like a miracle. Congratulations on the journey of light from the darkness of death.”

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