PIA announces a solution for restoring EU, UK routes

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) may have been suspended to operate to EU and UK territories but the fighting spirit and resilience which the national flag carrier is known for through out its history does permit PIA to accept defeat. Hence, it has come up with an innovative solution to keep operating to its 64 years old route, non-stop.

Ever since COVID 19 outbreak, PIA was called upon by the Government of Pakistan to perform its national duties, and PIA stepped forward.

Since March 16, 2020, PIA has so far repatriated over 200,000 people back to their homeland, in the largest of its kind relief operation in the country’s history. Large Pakistani diaspora was evacuated from Gulf, KSA, Far East, Central Asia and as far as North America and Australia. That operation still continues with our flights going to China, Malaysia, UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.

Despite the fact that PIA gets criticism from some quarters, it keeps a check on many other airlines to control the fares and exploitation of Pakistanis, as PIA will always reliably provide direct services with generous baggage allowances and affordable fares. That is the reason that ever since PIA suspended its operations to EU and UK, the other carriers have jacked up their fares three to four time the normal fares, which tantamounts to exploitation.

There is a large number of loyal customers of PIA who prefer the national airline over anyone else, and it was now PIAs duty not to disappoint or estrange them.

Hence based on strong demand, PIA has announced partial resumption of operations through hiring a new European origin aircraft and crew to serve PIAs loyal customers at affordable prices and direct flights from home to home.

The flights will be launched on August 14, 2020 to commemorate Pakistan’s Independence Day, aptly cutting the exploitation of foreign carriers.

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