PIA Cockpit Crew GD Guidelines Revised

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has revised the guidelines concerning General Declaration (GD) travel of Cockpit Crew within domestic routes only with immediate effect. 

According to sources, revised guidelines have been stated by management while keeping the following in mind:

  • GD travel on international routes has been discontinued
  • GD travel on domestic routes will continue to be authorized by the Chief of Flight. No more than 10 per month operations will occur, unless required for operational requirements.
  • The CEO will receive a compiled monthly report regarding GD travel of Cockpit Crew by the Chief of Flight.

The notification further stated that all other conditions/provisions governing GD travel of Cockpit Crew on domestic routes will remain unchanged. Furthermore, all relevant orders/circulars/directives and provisions in PIA Personnel Policies Manuel stand amended accordingly.

The revisions come by the authority of the Chief Executive Officer, as delivered by the Chief Human Resource Officer Air Commodore Amer Altaf.

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