Saba Qamar’s mesmerizing music video ‘Ek Adhuri Love Story! #Chingariyan’ released

Saba Qamar announced on Instagram that her music video ‘Ek Adhuri Love Story! #Chingariyan’ has been released. 

Saba Qamar has been running her own youTube channel posting videos which reflect a message or something related to her life. Her new music video ‘Ek Adhuri Love Story! #Chingariyan’ is the epiosde no.6 of her YouTube channel.

She wrote that she celebrated her birthday and the first anniversary of her YouTube channel with the release of her new video. She disclosed that this video is very special to her as it is linked with her current life and depicts the message that no matter what, life goes on.

She further eleborated that she had put her best foot forward for this video. This was her dream project which couldn’t have been possible without Fahad Mustafa and Emmad Irfani. She expressed her gratefulness for her fellow actor and producer.


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