PIA decides to ground all pilots with suspected licenses

KARACHI: The management of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has decided to ground all pilots with suspected fake and “dubious licenses”.

According to the reports of Baaghi TV, around 150 pilots with suspected licenses have been barred from flying the aircraft and pilots who verify their licenses will be taken on duty.

Senior anchorperson and investigative journalist, Mubasher Lucman, also tweeted regarding the matter saying that ‘this follows startling revelations in the National Assembly’.

As per the PIA management, the grounding of such a large number of pilots would affect the PIA flight operation but flight safety and passenger safety were above commercial interests. The spokesman said that six pilots with fake degrees have already been fired.

Criminal pilots involved in the downfall of PIA

It is to be noted that after the investigation report came to light, it has been decided to verify the licenses of PIA pilots who have suspected licenses.

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On May 22, a national airline flight PK-8303 crashed into a crowd near Jinnah International Airport, killing 97 people while two others miraculously survived.

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The Prime Minister and the concerned authorities later ordered an inquiry into every aspect of the accident. On May 26, 11 Airbus technical advisers arrived in Karachi from France to investigate the plane crash. They gathered all the necessary evidence from the scene and inspected the runway, after which the investigation team left for France on June 1.

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