PIA Flight PK 8303: Some unanswered questions

Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) Airbus A320, registration number AP-BLD, crashed in a residential area in Karachi, killing 97 passengers on board.

However, according to details, two passengers miraculously survived the crash.

The mishap has raised a number of questions relating not only to the crash but also about lax safety standards of PIA.

Audio Recording: PIA pilot rudely violates ATC instructions

Here are a plethora of reservations that still need some answers.

  • No response from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) whatsoever. Why?
  • No search and rescue at all. Their capacity or capability? Other than PIA there are other carriers operating in Pakistan. They depend on Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pakistan Navy (PN) and Pakistan Army but no liaison.
  • No media briefing even till today. JS Aviation Division is the official spokesperson who is seen nowhere addressing the media.
  • No emergency actions were initiated as per checklist of air crash.
  • No disaster recovery plan was implemented.
  • No crash and fire services were activated.
  • No alerts for other carriers, aircraft flying, approaching and planning were generated. No call on Guard Channel.
  • No Alternate aerodromes were activated.
  • No medical services were activated.
  • No coordination with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) or local/district administration.
  • There is a Search and Rescue (SAR) center on which huge investment has been made which was locked throughout.
  • No phone contact.
  • SAR Beacons which are automatically activated were never monitored. Imagine a similar occurrence in the sea close to Karachi shore line.
  • Relief landing fields are announced by ATC after a runway incident. Masroor runway was right in front, Faisal runway was on the left which could have easily averted the loss of life.
  • Visual approach is with ATC control, not with Approach Control or Radar control.
  • On operational level, the incident was a mess as far as Civil Aviation Authority is concerned.
  • When was the last time an Emergency was simulated by Civil Aviation Authority?

Massive Corruption by PIA management unveiled…

Infested with unions and associations supported by political parties and governments in power, the national carrier is bereaved of its past glory. The federal government should take strict legal action against such associations and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in order prevent such incidents in future.

PIA needs to be made clean and lean, slashing top heavy management, and not inducting more high-paid executives with hardly any commercial aviation experience.

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