PIA gets exclusive grant for flights to Saudi Arabia

Lahore, 23rd September: After the efforts from Prime Minister of Pakistan a permit for special flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been obtained.

Baaghi TV: A Special permit for 21 more flights of the Pakistan International airline (PIA) to Saudi Arabia has been granted due the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Last night, CEO PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik had requested the Prime Minister to play a role in resolving the people’s worries and overcrowding.

PIA flights to Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia gave a big shock

Reportedly, only PIA has been allowed to resume more flights exclusively after using high-level diplomatic means.

PIA had started booking on September 15 as soon as the permission was granted.

However, most of the Iqamah (residences), which are due to expire on September 30, caused an unusual rush to PIA offices and agents.

It is reported that some agencies took advantage of the situation and started selling tickets many times more expensive than the usual.

Warning alert issued in different cities of Saudi Arabia

The CEO of PIA took notice of the matter and published the original fare and sought permission for more flights.

However, only 13 flights were approved, compared to the 28 requested by Saudi officials.

PIA has 23 weekly flights to Saudi Arabia from different cities of Pakistan with a capacity of 12,000 people.

Operating 13 more flights with the rules of social distance created a capacity of 3500 more which was much less than the demand.

CEO’s notice on complaints of extra fares on PIA flights to Saudi Arabia

With the intervention of the Prime Minister, 21 more flights have been added to the system, bringing the capacity of PIA to 25,500.

It is said that all passengers will leave for Saudi Arabia before September 30.

PIA has already asked Saudi officials to double its flights for the month of October.

PIA gets permission for more flights to KSA

At a time when our compatriots were in deep trouble, the role of the Prime Minister will now make it easier for them to go to Saudi Arabia for employment.

Special thanks to PIA, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Minister of Aviation and Foreign Minister CEO PIA Air Marshal Arshad Malik.

PIA is in talks with the Foreign Ministry to talk to Saudi officials about extending the stay.

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