PIA officially responds to false media claims

Official response by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after false media claims against them.

This is in response to some media reports claiming that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) operated chartered flights to the United Kingdom with the purpose to evacuate VIPs or relations of government officials. 

It is to be stated on record that the flights were operated at the behest of the British High Commission and in close coordination with the Government of Pakistan with the intent to evacuate British Nationals stranded in Pakistan consequent to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Similarly, passengers returning to Pakistan on these flights were predominantly Pakistani Nationals stranded in the United Kingdom and the seats were available for purchase to everyone.

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It is thus hereby strongly clarified that at no point, were these flights operated for the benefit of VIPs or for the relations of government officials.

PIA management knowing that the company is a proud National Flag carrier and true to its traditions and its distinguished past, rose to the occasion at a time of dire need, to rescue and repatriate Foreign and Pakistani nationals stuck up in both countries on humanitarian grounds and for the purpose of not only National but rather Global Service. PIA takes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously in each and every facet of its operations.

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Pakistan International Airlines takes great pride in wearing and sporting the National colors and is fully cognizant of its responsibilities as an impartial, neutral and responsible caregiver of the community especially expatriate Pakistanis.

CEO Air Marshal Arshad Mahmood Malik personally supervises the operation of each flight and its economics. The management is under strict instructions to ensure transparency in all actions and same can be verified from any independent agency.

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The spread of disinformation by certain quarters with vested interests are merely an attempt to discredit the initiative and service by PIA for the greater good of the community and the nation at large. These efforts have been greatly lauded by passengers who actually traveled to their loved ones during these testing times and foreign governments.

As a matter of policy, PIA’s management has stopped all protocol and privileged handling to all quarters of the society and is strictly adhering by that. There has been no violation in this regard.

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