PIA officially responds to plane crash report

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) officially responds by accepting the preliminary investigation report of the PK-8303 plane crash and considers it a beacon for itself.

According to the PIA spokesperson, fake licenses were identified by the administration itself after the investigation report of the Panjgur accident in November 2018.

At the behest of the national carrier, the government set up a high-level inquiry committee which formulated its recommendations using forensic audit procedures. Moreover, PIA continued to follow this process so that the report could be released as soon as possible and no compromise could be reached on flight safety.

However, the flag bearer is immediately grounding all pilots with suspected licenses which will affect the flight operations service but the safety of passengers takes precedence over business interests, says the spokesperson.

PIA, CAA and ATC held responsible for Karachi plane crash
Preliminary Investigation Report for PK-8303 plane crash

PIA Flight Data Monitoring System has been implemented and the airline will now compile and analyze flight data of all flights itself, which will result in corrective measures.

As per the details given by the national carrier, flight data will be monitored by a senior pilot who will not be associated with any association.

Furthermore, the national carrier explains that fake licenses have become a problem not only for PIA but for all airlines. However, the 262 pilots identified have been flying in domestic and foreign airlines other than PIA.

Investigation report came out regarding Junaid Jamshed’s plane crash

It is to be remembered that, on June 22, the investigation report of the PIA plane crash in Karachi held the national carrier and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) responsible for the incident.

However, on May 22, a national carrier flight PK-8303 to Karachi crashed into a crowd near Jinnah International Airport, killing 97 people while two were miraculously safe.

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