PIA pilots tested positive with the coronavirus

Lahore, 6th April: The pandemic is continuing to spread across Pakistan, the latest being the Pakistan International Airline affected by the virus.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, 2 pilots of the PIA coming from Toronto have been confirmed with the coronavirus. It is believed that they contracted the virus while being stranded in Canada.

According to the Punjab Health Department, two pilots came to Lahore from Toronto yesterday, who were stranded in Toronto for the last several days along with five more people. On their arrival, they were tested and turned positive for coronavirus. Both the pilots have been shifted to a private hospital and kept in an isolation ward.

PIA pilots reportedly infected with coronavirus

Earlier, the government of Pakistan decided to take more stringent measures at airports to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The airline staff and all passengers from overseas will be kept in quarantine for 24 hours.

According to Civil Aviation spokesman, all the passengers arriving at the airport from the next international airline will be screened as before, after which all passengers, including the crew, will be kept in quarantine for 24 hours.

All passengers will be tested for the virus. If the test comes out positive, the person concerned will be sent to quarantine but those whose tests come out negative will be allowed to go home and be cautioned.

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