PIA Plane crash: A part of black box found by the French experts

Karachi, 27th May: According to a report of Baaghi TV, the scope of the investigation into the PIA plane crash in Karachi has been expanded further. French experts have visited the crash site and found a part of the black box.

An 11-member French team arrived at the crash site, accompanied by members of the PIA investigation team. Heavy machinery was brought to the crash site to pick up the wreckage. The engine, landing gears, and wings of the plane were checked. Communication through a black box and voice recorder was also checked with the help of modern equipment. PIA provided technical support to the team.

The Pakistan-France team has sought a complete record of A320 while briefing PIA officials for the investigation. The French team has asked some questions regarding the plane crash. How many times the A320 was grounded in a year? According to the checklist in the plane, what defects were worked on? How many cycles did the engine complete during the flight last year?

French team arrives in Karachi to investigate PIA plane crash

Apart from these querries, answers to the following important questions will be investigated, how many times did the plane undergo checking? How many times has landing gear been technically serviced? Which engineers worked in the main technical services of the aircraft? What resources and parts were used to fix the technical glitches? After the plane was repaired, the civil aviation declared it as Mill Air Worthy Nice? Was there any malfunctioning of the aircraft’s alarm systems?

On the other hand, the investigation team is looking for the cockpit voice record. This other part of the black box will help in the investigation. A part of the black box file data record was found from the wreckage on the second day of the accident. Even after 6 days, the cockpit voice record could not be found which is helpful in detecting flight conversations between the pilot and co-pilot.

PIA plane crash: The dead bodies are still not handed over to their loved ones

On Friday, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-8303 carrying 90 passengers and eight crew members crashed in the densely-populated Model Colony, a residential area near Jinnah International Airport Karachi, as a result, several lives were lost and around five homes and some vehicles were destroyed in the mishap.

The ill-fated plane took off from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport at 1:10 pm and was scheduled to land in Karachi. According to sources, at least 97 people lost their lives in the incident while 2 passengers, Bank of Punjab president Zafar Masud and Muhammad Zubair, the young mechanical engineer have miraculously survived.

The bodies of 41 people out of the 97 killed in the incident have been identified and handed over to heirs, whereas the process of the bodies’ identification through a DNA test is underway.

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