PIA plane crash: The dead bodies are still not handed over to their loved ones

Karachi, 26th May: After the sad PIA plane crash, people have begun to ask for the bodies of their loved ones but the height of the tragedy is that they are still unable to get them.

In the Karachi plane crash case, people have started begging for the bodies of their loved ones they have met all kinds of legal requirements but the government is still delaying it.

As per sources, the University of Health Sciences team identified the first body with the help of dental records of a 62-year-old Muhammad Ataullah which was provided by his family. The team has obtained dental records of 21 people killed in the accident.


Prof. Javed Akram said that the families of those killed in the accident are requested to provide medical or dental records of their loved ones. To provide the records directly to the UHS team, call 03134171447. VCUHS

It is to be noted that the special flight PK 8303 from Lahore to Karachi crashed one minute before reaching the destination. The PIA plane Airbus A320 crashed in the residential area near Karachi Airport.

The plane was carrying 99 people including the crew. The bodies of 97 people who were killed have been recovered and two passengers miraculously survived.

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