PIA slapped with a massive fine of over PKR 7 million

Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) cockpit and cabin crew has been slapped with a massive fine for traveling without visa while rescuing the stranded people in London.

The national airline is making dedicated efforts to bring back passengers stuck due to COVID-19 induced global lockdown.

According to reports of Baaghi TV, each crew member has been fined approximately £3000. Due to which an accumulative fine of £35,000 (approximately PKR 7.3 million) has been levied to the national flag carrier.

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According to the sources of Baaghi TV, PIA management has sent people on flight operations who didn’t have a valid visa. In such conditions when the airline industry is facing severe financial loses, how can the PIA management be so irresponsible and make such mistakes?

For those who don’t know much about the visa policy, a valid visa is necessary if the stay is over 24 hours. Moreover, the pilots and cabin crew can easily obtain the special visa. This visa is valid for 24 hours to seven days, but the PIA management was somehow unaware of it, which is highly irresponsible.

PIA officially responds to false media claims

Pakistan International Airlines should investigate and find the actual culprits behind this careless and delinquent act. Apart from PIA’s negligence, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Airports Security Force (ASF) officials showed equal sense of irresponsibility by now counter-checking visas of the crew members.

Pakistan’s higher authorities and PIA management should take notice of this impetuous practice and take strict and serious actions against the concerned person/department.

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